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Organization Skills?

June 26th, 2013 at 12:22 pm

When I step into my office at work I know where pretty much everything is. If it is not in a file, tray or cabinet someone has confiscated it off of my desk. Here I am organized. It's under control. So, when I step into my home why do I have the feeling I have been robbed every time I walk in the door. Ransacked. Pilaged. Papers ascew on the coffee table, mail on the arm of the couch, stray items here and there. Clothing, toys, etc. Of course part of the answer is obvious my children, DH and grandchildren do not come to work with me (thank God!)and of course life happens at home. Now it isn't always this bad at our house but I still have a hard time finding things and our home office/computer room is unorganized. I believe part of the answer is DH and I do things differently. Where he thinks something ought to be filed or kept and where I think it should be or always different even when there is a file for it!LOL! There have been several times over the course of the years he has changed our system without telling me. Sigh. So now we have half of some things here and half of them there. Just UGH.

Maybe I should go back to the FlyLady system babysteps and my timer and 15 minutes! Are any of you familiar with this? How do you all organize files, papers even finances? I'm curious!


February 16th, 2013 at 09:53 am

Finally decided to sign up! Long time lurker that has been following many of your blogs and using lots of wonderful advice. Things are tight since having to take on an added expense of a used(new to me) car payment among other things. Looking for some free online budgeting software that's reputable if anyone has any suggestions that would be great! I use to be into couponing but I'm having a hard time finding them for healthy food items. We frequent Aldis and Sam's but I have to be careful in the latter because I can spend way to much in there! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday!