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Budget Advice Please.

July 12th, 2013 at 11:08 am

BOA Mortgage 842
Utilities 420
Metro 130
Auto Insurance 55
BSBS 119
Compass-Auto 279
Clothing 30
Care Credit 50
Gas 125
Groceries 550
Medical 80
Savings 50
Retirement 50
Home repairs 50
Entertainment 20
Total $2850

So my total gross yearly income after taxes is around $40000.That includes my Christmas bonus. I get paid biweekly and after taxes and extra life/medical/short term dis/etc and it comes to $1100. I also clean the offices for $200 a week.
So twice a year I'll get an extra biweekly paycheck and I believe 2 extra cleaning the office checks. In the past I haven't counted this in my budget and try to send it to savings or retirement. I was just curious on how other people that get paid biweekly etc figured thier budgets/income? Advice please and thank you!