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Budget Advice Please.

July 12th, 2013 at 11:08 am

BOA Mortgage 842
Utilities 420
Metro 130
Auto Insurance 55
BSBS 119
Compass-Auto 279
Clothing 30
Care Credit 50
Gas 125
Groceries 550
Medical 80
Savings 50
Retirement 50
Home repairs 50
Entertainment 20
Total $2850

So my total gross yearly income after taxes is around $40000.That includes my Christmas bonus. I get paid biweekly and after taxes and extra life/medical/short term dis/etc and it comes to $1100. I also clean the offices for $200 a week.
So twice a year I'll get an extra biweekly paycheck and I believe 2 extra cleaning the office checks. In the past I haven't counted this in my budget and try to send it to savings or retirement. I was just curious on how other people that get paid biweekly etc figured thier budgets/income? Advice please and thank you!

5 Responses to “Budget Advice Please.”

  1. Petunia 100 Says:

    What about dh? Does he have any income? Is this budget for the entire household? Specifically, I am wondering about the $30 clothing and the $20 entertainment. Is that for you only or for you, dh, and dd? What about "BSBS", is that a debt or an expense?

  2. rachel021406 Says:

    Couple of questions.

    Is the Kohl's Account on your side bar paid off?
    In your grocery budget of $550 is that just for food? Or does that include household items and dining out?
    Is the $20 for entertainment for just you? Or do you have to split it?
    Do you have anything budgeted for DD that is still at home?

  3. North Texas Mommy Says:

    Petunia- dh is not employed right now. That is for all of us but there is $150 left over that goes into the checking for a cushion not including the extra paychecks. Blue Cross Blue Shield- DD health insurance-expense

  4. North Texas Mommy Says:


    Clothing = Kohls
    Grocery is household items,dining out also. entertainment is for all of us.
    I have a bit of a cushion on utilities and $150 that goes into the checking that I use for any school expenses. Sometimes we go under budget in groceries. So we have a little wiggle room but not much!

  5. North Texas Mommy Says:

    This is also not written in stone I might add! LOL! I usually get mine and DD's clothes at Kohls. Great coupons! My older DD gives her things she doesnt wear anymore and they are in great shape. In my original budget I had $40 for clothing besides Kohls but it didnt make it here. DH has alot of clothes they are still in great shape. I guess I should of also added gifts!

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