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Budget Advice Please.

July 12th, 2013 at 11:08 am

BOA Mortgage 842
Utilities 420
Metro 130
Auto Insurance 55
BSBS 119
Compass-Auto 279
Clothing 30
Care Credit 50
Gas 125
Groceries 550
Medical 80
Savings 50
Retirement 50
Home repairs 50
Entertainment 20
Total $2850

So my total gross yearly income after taxes is around $40000.That includes my Christmas bonus. I get paid biweekly and after taxes and extra life/medical/short term dis/etc and it comes to $1100. I also clean the offices for $200 a week.
So twice a year I'll get an extra biweekly paycheck and I believe 2 extra cleaning the office checks. In the past I haven't counted this in my budget and try to send it to savings or retirement. I was just curious on how other people that get paid biweekly etc figured thier budgets/income? Advice please and thank you!

Organization Skills?

June 26th, 2013 at 12:22 pm

When I step into my office at work I know where pretty much everything is. If it is not in a file, tray or cabinet someone has confiscated it off of my desk. Here I am organized. It's under control. So, when I step into my home why do I have the feeling I have been robbed every time I walk in the door. Ransacked. Pilaged. Papers ascew on the coffee table, mail on the arm of the couch, stray items here and there. Clothing, toys, etc. Of course part of the answer is obvious my children, DH and grandchildren do not come to work with me (thank God!)and of course life happens at home. Now it isn't always this bad at our house but I still have a hard time finding things and our home office/computer room is unorganized. I believe part of the answer is DH and I do things differently. Where he thinks something ought to be filed or kept and where I think it should be or always different even when there is a file for it!LOL! There have been several times over the course of the years he has changed our system without telling me. Sigh. So now we have half of some things here and half of them there. Just UGH.

Maybe I should go back to the FlyLady system babysteps and my timer and 15 minutes! Are any of you familiar with this? How do you all organize files, papers even finances? I'm curious!

Where did the time go?

June 25th, 2013 at 11:56 am

Wow! Long time no post!! Time gets away from us no?
DD went to a slumber party back at the end of May that I had to shell quite a few bucks out for. Her swimsuit didn't fit but luckily I found one for $9.97. and a cheap cover up that can be used as a shirt too. The expensive part was the call I got at 10:30 that night DD had gotten hit in the mouth by a Wii controller and had a huge chip out of her tooth. We had to take her to the ER to control the pain and got her into the dentist the next day to the tune of $372! Too many girls at the slumber party I think! LOL! They started out with 45 girls at the bday party and 29 spending the night. Except it dropped down to 27 after DD's incident because her little friend wanted to go home too! Bad part is I had to do Care Credit because we didn't have it but if I pay it off in 6 months no interest! Should be no problem!

Other financial news I got a 9% raise that just about covers my car payment. So that was a big boost for us.
DH had to be put on insulin but he applied for some study that puts some kind of pump or medicine in his stomach(not sure about all the details yet!)and he gets paid for doing it so we will see.

So far doing great on the grocery budget this month we are at $248. Hope everyone is doing well!

Happy Tuesday!

Doctor Visits. UGH. Grateful.

April 23rd, 2013 at 11:26 am

Whew! Our little household has been busy,busy,busy! I have been feeling under the weather lately with a trip to the ER the first part of April. I was at work and started feeling weak so I went home. Then I began to feel progressively worse and like I was going to faint. My doctor suggested I go straight to the ER. Dehydration was the culprit as it turns out. Our family has been attacked by the stomach bug twice now. DD just went to the doctor Monday so with all the previous trips and her prescriptions...I don't have to tell you it has hurt our budget tremendously!

Oh well, my problems are miniscule compared to what everyone else has had to endure in our country last week. My thoughts and prayers go out to all that has lost a loved one or were injured in Boston and in West. So many people affected one way or another.
People are what is important. Things can be replaced.

DD's birthday is this Friday and since I've been feeling under the weather lately I don't have anything planned. We will probably take her out to dinner and do a family birthday next weekend. Its also DH's birthday next Saturday! Oh my! Two birds with one stone, ey?

Have a great day!

No spend weekend

March 27th, 2013 at 11:38 am

No spend weekend but it stopped there. Monday I went thrift store shopping with DD1 and I bought a new purse and a glass blown vase for $7.56. Yesterday had to stop and get milk and parmesan cheese to the tune of $7.00 and gave DD2 $20 to put on her lunch account.

Did not get half the things done I wanted to on my days off. Spent about 20 minutes in DD2's room, 20 in my bedroom,20 in the LR and only 2 loads of laundry. Boo.

Went to birthday party Sunday then watched 3 of my grandsons while DD1 went to the store. That's always fun for me and DD2! They are so cute! The baby fell asleep in my arms and what better feeling is there than that? It's priceless. ;-)

I'm curious how does everyone keeps track of thier no spend days? Journal? Bank Statement? Do you count days when bills are deducted? Have a great day!

Friday ;-) Payday

March 22nd, 2013 at 11:12 am

Went to Moments with Mom with my DD this morning.We had fun as always! She's such a cutie! I will have to say there is so much parent participation at her school it's awesome.

Today's payday but most of the money has plans. ;-) Our house payment gets withdrawn today and I mailed off our first car payment on the loan. Spent $93 at Kroger's yesterday so that's not too bad and I filled my tank up-$37 that should last the rest of the month.

I plan on organizing DD's room this weekend and catching up on laundry! Woo-hoo fun stuff. Birthday party on Sunday. Have a great day everyone!


March 20th, 2013 at 10:46 am

Wow! Time get's away doesn't it? It's been a bit since my last post. The budget is tight in NTM's house but things so far seem to be going smoothly.No spend days are at 8/20. The grocery budget is on track so far it's at $272 for the month of March and I have $500 budgeted! I would love to get that figure lower or may I say lower consistently on a monthly basis. Trying!

Also have to be sure and set aside money for DH's doctor visit and prescriptions next month. He doesn't have health insurance but we found a place in our area that does a cash price that's usually around $67-$77 a visit. That also includes the blood tests to check his sugar levels. His prescriptions are usually around $50 for 3 months. He is still on the job search but can only work part time due to his back. He had a interview for a tech support job at home but wasn't bilingual so he didn't get it. One day at a time right?

Our emergency fund is down to $1256. Not happy with that at all. When I get Kohl's paid off I will send the $30 a month to EF. The car will be a few years since we just purchased it but when it is paid off that's going there too to the tune of $278 a month. We still owe $59k on our mortgage with 12 years left. We refinanced a few years ago to a lower rate and a 15 year note. So we have equity build up in the house so that's good I guess. Retirement fund you say? Well I guess at this rate I could purchase a cheap RV and park it in my kids yard and rent out my house! Just kidding! I think I just heard a sigh of relief somewhere! No seriously we are virtual starting over that is why I have to get some more income coming in so I can build up EF and RF. That's my little plan!

Have an awesome first day of spring ya'll!

Stretch the budget!

March 1st, 2013 at 02:47 pm

Well, no spending days broken to the tune of $64.00 but it was necessary. My sweet little DD got sent home from school and her cold was progressively worse so to Acute Care for Kids was visited and she has streph. Ugh! I guess that's not bad for office visit/prescriptions and otc meds. I think I'll just stretch that grocery visit even further! Live off the pantry and freezer!

No Spend Days

February 28th, 2013 at 12:07 pm

Looking back on this month I have a total of 10/28 no spend days! Awesome! Resisted the urge to stop and pick up fast food last night even though DD bugged me. Hope to keep it up as it is not only good for the wallet it's good for the waist and Lord knows I need help with both! LOL! I also needed a few things at the store but I'm going to try to wait a few more days.

Cut the cable!!

February 27th, 2013 at 11:09 am

Cable company. Need I say more? Our cable bill kept creeping up from what was once $120 monthly tv/phone/internet bundle to $191. No movie channels nothing special really except an HD package but I have been bugging the crap out of DH to cut it way back or off! So he finally did! Hurray! He cancelled the TV package and is having the phone number ported over to switch to Google Voice or Vonage. Now we will only have the internet plan with them until we find something better that will be $47.00 a month. So cool!
They wouldn't even let him talk to a manager to get the promotional price on the phone. Grrrr.

So on another note been doing well on the grocery budget $397 for the month of February and do not plan on going back until March. I'm trying to keep in under $500 a month.

Also got new insurance for our new vehichle same price for more coverage!

Have an awesome afternoon!


February 16th, 2013 at 09:53 am

Finally decided to sign up! Long time lurker that has been following many of your blogs and using lots of wonderful advice. Things are tight since having to take on an added expense of a used(new to me) car payment among other things. Looking for some free online budgeting software that's reputable if anyone has any suggestions that would be great! I use to be into couponing but I'm having a hard time finding them for healthy food items. We frequent Aldis and Sam's but I have to be careful in the latter because I can spend way to much in there! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday!